Notes and use methods of bronze powder

The bronze powder is a floating flake pigment. With a certain scale of copper, zinc and aluminum mix in melt milling, it meets to essential specifications Bronze powders colors are: red and gold, green gold, uncooked and red gold, bronze gold and so on

Notes and use methods of bronze powder

More uncooked the bronze powder is, the stronger the sense of metal commit be. And it becomes additional flashing and brightness If it is finer, recognize of metal reduced, the color is gentler and hiding function is better

Copper powder underneath discipline stirring, horde of times to the copper powder in the solvent of 1:1 or 2:1. Under low shear stirring for about 15 minutes to a paste. Adding the obligatory tone gold oil, stir to homogenize evenly Solvent adjusted to the desired viscosity To duck curling and breaking the flaky copper powder particles in the dispersion process and diminish optical effects, the peak alternative of dirk stirrer or vinyl scattered, medium-speed stir

At the identical instance should evade the use of nitrocellulose and epoxy resin Two bequeath be Si chemical passion to evolve the jelly; such as the use of these two resin, it should be as much as feasible within a laconic situation Should be used wherever doable the low sharp value of resin, the resin by the sharp value as low as possible. Aromatic hydrocarbons and esters help to make the metal powder particles wholly wetting to secure entirely dispersed It should dodge the use of alcohol and ketone solvents and acidification fragmentary lipid solvent Be sure to use colossal purity resin and solvent (low wet content), containing a derisory cipher of water recommended using the molecular sieve to drain the moisture before the copper powder pigments

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Copper powder in the milling process consign be added fatty acids, to reduce friction and guard the copper from the oxide, copper powder surface of both fatty harsh protective layers. High temperature, water, sweat and alkaline media are very practicable to wreck the protective layer of copper powder surface, thereby enabling the unpunctual oxidation, gradually duck their metallic luster

Caused by copper powder distemper because the powder atom size distribution too broad, too goodly ratio of fine particulates (