Mobile accessories sell is gradually receiving shape, To make the peak catalogue is the most revered

As smart phones become increasingly popular, mobile phone accessories sell was the trend of the outbreak, Market research fixed ABI Research’s latest announcement shows that: in 2015, the income of expressive .

Mobile accessories market is gradually taking shape, To make the best guide is the most important

As smart phones become increasingly popular, mobile phone accessories market was the trend of the outbreak, Market research stubborn ABI Research’s current story shows that: in 2015, the income of mobile phone accessories aftermarket is expected to other than 50 billion U.S dollars, the annual lump rate of 11.4 % Last year, the widespread expressive phone accessories (excluding a portion of phone box) income up to $ 26.5 billionCan be seen, compared to natural walking phones, smart phones more functional, More varied with the interaction between users, so consumers are flexible to buy additional accessories In the China, the peak three quarters, sales of smartphones reached 22.203 million, and annual smart phone sales expected to reach 32 million, in substantial allocation to nurture the tame animated phone accessories vend with quick development.For the domestic moving accessories on the market, in supplement to the traditional notice of animated phone batteries, headphones, The more parts furthermore began to appear, such as cell phone protective cover, moving phone screen protector, and even supplementary there are many manufacturers begin to tailored area of accessoriesof for memorable moving phones such as the iPhone 4, which makes the complete industry more three-dimensionalMarket obviously feels this change, there keep been a stockpile of the shop dedicated to selling animated phone accessories in the traditional IT stores, such as the revered Hong Kong expressive phone accessories brands MOMAX recently opened in Guangzhou on China Square accessories store , mostly engaged in salvo shelter and high-capacity batteries and supplementary beautifully designed moving phone sets of products Appear as a single product has been ancillary product sales of moving phone accessories in escort of consumers .At the twin time, consumers own some new awareness for expressive phone accessories; consumers are only concerned about the capacity of walking phone batteries in the past, and now their safeguard and stability of the cell phone attack also proposed new requirements, while the animated phone refuge sets of products in addendum to protective effects, design, allied and more materials hold become a consumer consideration Order to meet further and further thinking consumers, the brand phone supplier continue to enlarge in product inputs: high-capacity volley as MOMAX launched at the factory has purchased five million yuan of insurance, Protective sleeve Snow Leopard series, the stylish series of different device styles for different groups of segmentsAlthough,As the tout is going to be mature, this’s positive story for the pure moving phone accessories manufacturers, but as a not entirely standardized operation emerging markets, Counterfeit, poor level cell phone accessories moreover become remarkably memorable in the market To some extent, this deface and affect market, counterfeit volley products stagy a grave hazard to the consumerspersonal safety If we do not make sake guide, the time of cottage-made expressive phones is likely to re-appear in the accessories peddle .

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